Roland Jazz Chorus JC120



Origen:  Japon

  • Legendary “clean” amp with two separate 60 watt RMS power amps (to allow for true stereo chorus)


  • Classic silver-cone speakers for vintage Roland Jazz Chorus sound 


  • Two input channels (Normal/Effect) 


  • Three-band EQ per channel 


  • One high and one low input per channel 


  • Reverb, distortion, adjustable vibrato and true stereo chorus 


  • Stereo effects loop 


  • Footswitch jacks control chorus, reverb, distortion
  • World-Famous Tone

    Roland’s Jazz Chorus amplifiers are legendary for their clean, sparkling sound and true-stereo swirling chorus. The JC’s full-range output is animated and rich, and famous for filling a room with a powerful yet pleasing sound. Built-in reverb and vibrato with dedicated front-panel controls round out the JC’s expressive, tone-shaping palette.

  • Flexible Hands-On Control

    The JC-120’s 12 front-panel knobs, plus dedicated Bright switch, make it easy to craft a sound on the spot. No matter the musical style, the JC-120 has the flexibility and power to deliver the tone you need.

  • Legendary Chorus

    Two high-performance 12" speakers, each driven by its own 60 W amplifier, are at the heart of the JC’s classic chorus sound. The result is soft, lush, and legendary!

  • Heavy-Duty Design

    There’s no mistaking the unique look and heavy-duty construction of the JC-120. Outlined with oversized, industrial-grade studs, and with top-quality casters, hard-fiber edge protectors, and high-impact corner brackets, the JC-120 is built to stand the test of time.


Rated Power Output
120W (60W + 60W)
12” (30 cm) x 2
Line Out (L/Mono, R), Input (High, Low), Footswitches (Chorus/Vibrato, Reverb, Distortion), Channel 2 (Effect Loop Send), Effect Loop Return (L/Mono, R)
Power Consumption
110W (AC 117/230/240 V)
Casters (x 4)
760 mm
29-15/16 inches
280 mm
11-1/16 inches
622 mm
24-1/2 inches
28.0 kg
61 lbs. 12 oz.

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